Coco Candi

Coco Candi
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Few Fun Decorations

This is a Black picture frame that I had laying around. I used my friend's Cricket cutting machine and the used ModgePodge to make the letters stick. You could also use vinyl letters. It is an easy holiday decoration. 

Here is a block that I cut out. I got a large 6x2 board and used my circular saw to cut it to the desired length. I then spray painted the block and had a picture of the Boise LDS Temple printed as a 5x7 at Costco. I used ModgePodge to stick the picture on. Then I made fabric Flowers and hot glued them onto the dried block.  

Our Family Silhouettes.
What I did here was I had a friend take a picture of each of our profiles and then I printed them out in black and white and cut as 3x5s. I cut out each of our silhouettes and the traced them onto a very thick black card stock. The I cut out the black card stock and mounted it onto some pretty paper. Then I hung it in these frames.

In this picture you can also see "The Meyer Family"  back stitch picture that I made.